Create a Healthy Home to Foster Virtuous Living

Create a Healthy Home to Foster Virtuous Living

Know Your Worth can lead the way

What's the key to maintaining a stable home? Here at Know Your Worth, we believe it's purity. We've built a ministry around helping families make purity the center of their households.

Know Your Worth promotes solid family dynamics in the community. We focus on strengthening families who have been rocked by divorce and other issues. We can help reestablish the Godly standard of living.

We're also committed to uniting the churches in Texarkana, TX. We encourage church leaders to look past denominations to come together to heal the community.

Reach out to us today to get involved with our ministry.

Benefit from our guidance

Many societal issues can be linked back to unstable family lives. Once the family dynamic breaks down, the community is not too far behind. To help resolve societal issues, Know Your Worth focuses on:

  • Abstinence before marriage
  • Purity in marriage
  • Healthy homes

Instilling Godly principles in your home can go a long way in raising virtuous, productive community members. Call us now for the resources you need.